Automatic Covers for High Quality Pools
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Accessories that increase comfort and safety.

Ipe wood deck

It consists of a set of slats of solid exotic wood, with modules one meter wide, indicated to cover the pit of the box of the winder.

The anti-slip front deck ensures high resistance and longevity of the platform.

Fixing is done by simple pressure.


Beam for separating partition

The beams, fiber or fully fiber (up to 4.5m in width, have the function of supporting the wooden deck of the roof of the roof with total security.

The fibred beam has a profile of 100 × 100, being fully coated with layers of fiber and painted with paint for that purpose. (available in white or blue)

The fully fiber beam has a profile of 103 × 82 and supports the platform to a width of 4.50 meters.

Security locks

In order to make the cover even more secure, safety catches are applied at the end of the pool.


Made up of 2 316L stainless steel supports and two nylon pins, they ensure the complete closure of the cover.



It should be inaccessible to anyone not authorized, specially children. It is necessary to place near the pool and offer a direct view of the completeness of the water.


The key contains 3 positions without locking, so the operator can make sure no one is in the pool.


AISI 316L stainless steel bracket with casters to prevent friction of cover blades when necessary.


Split ladder

Step ladder with 3 and 4 non-slip steps in polished AISI 316 stainless steel.

Support Wall Railing

The polished AISI 316L stainless steel handrail, installed under the water level, is designed to create an extra support for the cover.


Security is greatly improved.


Separation Ditch

The partition walls consist of reinforced PVC panels that fit together to form the desired wall height and 2 guides (one for each wall of the pool) where the panels fit together.