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Some recommendations to take into account.

We would like to remind you that CAP covers are safety covers for swimming pools, designed to prevent access to children under 5 years of age. Should not be used as a place of leisure, its function is security and protection. Do not walk or jump over the safety cover.


Do not walk or jump over the safety cover.

The presence of an adult is indispensable in the accomplishment of maneuvers of opening and closing of the cover CAP, in which the absence of bathers must be controlled. We also point out that the security of the covers is only present when it is fully closed.


A child can never be supervised by an adult. 

child should never be left alone, it requires to be supervised by anadult at all times. CAP covers are not a substitute for good judgmentor adult supervisionChildren in the vicinity of the pool need constant vigilance, drowning is fast and quiet.


Pool Water Level, this should be checked before opening the cover.

Pool Water Level, this should be checked before opening the cover. A very high level can cause an obstruction due to the accumulation of leaves or other debris. As well as the opposite, the cover should not be put into operation due to blocking risks. If there is a bottleneck, the water level must be controlled by a regulator.


Filtration should be programmed for the hours when the solar temperature is highest, and put into operation at all times as soon as the water reaches 25ºC. When it reaches 28ºC the pool should be uncovered.

The engine housing must be checked for leakage of any water that may occur improperly.


Winding / Unrolling

During the opening and closing operations of the system never lose sight of the entire water level of the pool. When carrying out the operations, you must ensure the absence of bathers.

It is imperative not to stop and leave the cover partly open as it could, if possible, foreign objects, obstruct the mechanism in any way and cause damage to the cover.


Maintenance / Winter

It is necessary to thoroughly clean the cover twice a year at opening and winter, which is even more important if the water is limestone, in which case a high pressure apparatus with hot water and an anti-scale product should be used. If the cover is surrounded by vegetation, it is advisable to place a net cover fixed to the edges, keeping the cover unwound.

Never leave the cover rolled in the pit for long periods, to avoid the risk of algae development or blotchiness on the blades and scale (situation not covered by the guarantee).

Even during autumn, to prevent leaves or other organic debris from falling on the blind, it is advisable to install a network cover. If there is no protection, all debris and objects that have fallen on the cover blades must be removed regularly.

Important Tips for Automatic Coverage Winter:

  • It is imperative to maintain the pool’s normal water level so as not to cause a locking of the blades on the separation Wall.
  • During long periods of non-use, you should clean the system and put it into motion by opening and closing it at least once a month.
  • It is recommended to clean the cover at least twice a year with a pressure washer using a mild detergente.
  • Do not allow leaves to remain on the cover.
  • Place a row of winter floats in the blind vault and protect the skimmers with the aid of gizmos (anti-ice devices for skimmers).
  • In case of falling hail we recommend that you collect the cover.
  • Cut off the power supply from the control cabinet.
  • Ensure that the engine room is well watertight and dry during the winter – a well-protected engine in winter will ensure a good opening in the spring.