Automatic Covers for High Quality Pools
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Sheets in Polycarbonate


New Polycarbonate sheets CAP660-PCTR

Double Ultra-Violet Protection


Impact Resistance

Thermal gain up to 8 ° C

Profile Patented Anti-Algae

Debris concealment between profile fits

The new CAP660PCTR sheets have an extra layer of UV protectioncoated in tri-extrusion:

  • Extra layer of UV protection on the transparent upper side.
  • UV protection film in the area of the profile.
ficha tecninca policarbonato

This protection increases the durability as well as the impact resistance of the sheets.

In the fit of the profiles this model can hide the dirt that may exist from the pool.

The pools equipped with CAP cover systems with Polycarbonate sheet have

guaranteed an additional heating up to 8ºC without any energy cost.


CAP660 – PCTR Standard

CAP660PCTR/00TTAA – Transparent

CAP660PCTR/00AA – Blue

CAP660PCTR/0034 – Solar

CAP660 – PCTR Specials

CAP660PCTR/00TT/34 – Solar Transparent

CAP660PCTR/S004/34 – Silver

CAP660PCTR/G002/34 – Solar Green

CAP660PCTR/B002/34 – Solar Blue

Polycarbonate sheets 710PC

Result of the long experience acquired in the market, the new 710PC polycarbonate blades, they are extremely resistant due to a special designed structure, they have an appealing design and high performance.


High quality polycarbonate profile, with silver top and with black base.

The silver finish will make the condensation on the blades is almost invisible.

This profile prevents the formation of algae and its protective layer UV, increases its longevity.

Condensation Mask

Solar efficiency


UV Protection


High quality polycarbonate profile – Anthracite gray transparent at the top and with the black base, it allows to have a greater absorption of solar energy.

This profile prevents the formation of algae and its protective layer UV, increases its longevity.

Solar efficiency


UV Protection