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All that you need to know about our covers.

Free thermal gain

In the solar alternative, CAP ® roofs allow to achieve a temperature increase of 3 to 8 degrees Celsius, and as a rule, the water heats during the hours of sunshine and at night the temperature decreases. With the solar cover, the water is protected from contact with the air, thus avoiding to a great extent its cooling.

Reduction of evaporation

CAP ® cover prevents water evaporation, achieving a reduction in maintenance costs.

In indoor pools, the cover becomes essential to avoid excess moisture and its subsequent condensation on the part adjacent to the pool environment.
With regard to heated swimming pools, this device allows savings of up to 60% of gas, electricity, gas or other expenses, allowing the maximum yield in solar installations.



The PVC and polycarbonate blades are robust and designed to support the weight of a small child or a pet.
The tops of the blades allow sealing and excellent buoyancy.
In a closed position and equipped with a safety lock at the end, the floating sheets cover the entire water plane, making it a safe element against accidental falls of adults, children or even animals.
Children will always need to be supervised by an adult!


In accordance with safety regulations

CAP’s laminate covers are made of high quality PVC or polycarbonate according to the French standard NF P 90-308, are slightly rounded to ensure efficient winding in the minimum of space. Completely watertight, thanks to the special finish, they ensure perfect buoyancy due to the injection of a sealed product.


After-sales service as a differential

In CAP Coverings ®, we bring together all our efforts to offer exceptional service to our customers.

We guarantee our customers an effective after-sales service:

  • Technical Assistance Services
  • Service Maintenance



Cap ® covers protect the water surface preventing leaves, branches and other particles from entering the plane that remains protected against dirt, meaning a better quality of the water without too much maintenance effort.



24V 170 Nm, 250 Nm and 500 Nm gearmotors, protection IP45 (motors in dry pit) and IP68 (Motors immersed), defined by directives 98/37 / CE, 73/33 / CE and 89/336 / CE.


Material characteristics

All parts in contact with water are in stainless steel or PVC.
The winder is made of AISI 316L stainless steel.



PVC Blades 2 years
Polycarbonate Blades  5 years
Mechanism 2 years
* The warranty does not cover:

  • Installation and transportation costs. This warranty will also lose its validity in case of carelessness. negligence, modifications or interventions made by technicians not authorized by CAP – Coberturas Automáticas para Piscinas.
  • The appearance of blemishes, discoloration and other defects not present when the goods are delivered.
  • Damage caused by unforeseen natural phenomena, such as thunderstorms, lightning, hail, flood, etc …
  • Poor maintenance, improper use, use for purposes other than those permitted, adaptations or changes necessary for countries from which they were not designed.



CAP – Coberturas Automáticas para Piscinas, reserves the right to exclude and / or modify, without notice its articles, whenever it deems it necessary or important for its improvement taking into account the needs of the market.